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Due to their unique location – isolated in the center of the Atlantic Ocean – the Azores islands have the perfect weather, with high levels of humidity and rainfall, gathering all the conditions for production and for creating products with unique, natural, exotic and pure characteristics, like the basalt stone. Basaltic lava is very thick and flows slowly. When cooled fast, cellular nets form impressive hexagonal columns. Basalt is, therefore, a rock that remains intact, at very high temperatures, as well as in the oceans’ cold temperatures. This stone is also an excellent material to preserve heat. Basalt is currently used in pavements, gardens, sidewalks, beauty treatments, hot stone massages and even as an alternative to fiberglass.


Surface Finishing

Serrated Basalt Ribeira Grande
Honed Basalt Ribeira Grande
Polished Basalt Ribeira Grande
Bush hammered Basalt Ribeira Grande
Serrated Olivine Basalt
Honed Olivine Basalt
Polished Olivine Basalt

Edges Finishing

Complete Basalt Rouding
Broken Edge Basalt
Basalt Edge 1/2 Rounding

Quarry and Stone Sawing

Marques quarry Azores
Marques quarry Azores
Marques britas stone sawing Azores
Marques britas stone sawing Azores
Marques britas stone sawing Azores


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Honed Olivine Basalt Panel
Polished Olivine Basalt Panel
Rustic Basalt Panel Ribeira Grande